Drawing the Line-- Where?

Where do you draw the line with someone you really like, but you are fearful that he or she may drop off into the abyss? You want to pursue a relationship, but you're also scared he or she may just disappear or lose interest, so that hinders.


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  • If you have mixed feelings, you probably should retreat BEHIND the line for a while and see how he reacts to your distancing yourself.

    • Yeah, that is a good idea. Kind of hard when your feelings have a mind of their own, but definitely better to lay low than for a while.

    • Take some time to reconnoitre the terrain, as they say in the military! See if there are traps..

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  • You need to make up your mind. If you won't decide fast enough whether you like them or not, then of course they are going to disappear and search for someone who cherishes them.

    • Not quite how every situation happens. It has to deal with the fact that some people just come and go because it is what they do. Some people run from commitment.

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  • "but you're also scared he or she may just disappear"

    Why would I be scared of that? Either I just approach them or I don't - what they may or may not do after that is something I'll just have to wait and see.

  • There is no line to draw there.


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