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He hasn't texted back?

OK so there is this guy that I am totally into and we have been texting each other back in forth for about a month. He is always the one to text me... Show More

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  • There's a limit to making him chase you... If you exaggerate in pretending you don't care, he might actually give up. How would you feel if you always texted a guy in the morning and had constant convos, but one day he suddenly takes 3 days to answer you? I would think I was annoying him!

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  • No answer for 3 days without any reasonable reasons!?! ,In this situation I never call or text again...

  • You let him wait for 3 days & that was OK? Now you expect a text back immediately.

    I guess 2 can play at that game!

    You wrote that he "always texted you first" if you want him text him to see if he's OK.

    Who told you that we like to chase the girl like that?

    You already made him chase you for a month.

    If your profile is correct & your 23, you should know better.

    Lesson learned.

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