Flaked twice, not even a reason and then she wants to "go out "again?

This girl added me on fb a year ago, messages me often, first nad talks to me about everything ranging from our courses at college to her family and friends, she would text me day and night for months at a time, i hinted at taking her out and she agreed. months later we were chatting for hours so i threw the "iam going to hang out and do something fun, wanna join me?" she said yes.

we set a date for Friday, i texted a day earlier and she claimed she has some school related thing and can't make it i said fine next week then, she agreed... a week later i text her a day before and she tells me "i will back to you in 2 hours at most " she never did, she even saw me that day and didn't say anything, five days later she messages me saying she is sorry, they got new furnirutre and her home was a mess and she was sleeping at her friends, and really wants to go out with me...

i said its okay and good luck, i delted all the messages and cut conctact, not interested in being her second option or a doormat, what you think?


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  • Smart choice. Even if she really is just busy, you're better off finding someone who can at least politely reschedule.

    • exactly, she was hanging out all day with her friends and posting stuff to snapchat and facebook iam sure few seconds of her time dedicated to me wasn't much to ask for.

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  • ı dont think so

    • yep my same reaction iam not her bitch