Why would he be dating me?

wrote on another forum about my relationship several times. A couple people said they don't think my boyfriend is in love with me. I guess because he hasn't said "i love you" even though he kinda shows it and explained right when started dating it might take him a year to say "i love you"

OK well I don't get why you would date someone for 11 months and not at genuinely care/strongly like him/her? I mean if you push aside other reasons such as I know he isn't using me for purely sex, or money, or because he doesn't like being alone. So in general why do guys/girls stay in long term relationships if its not love but they're not using the person?


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  • saying I love you is very powerful...by your boyfriend not saying it every day really builds up the meaning when he does say it and you'll be overwhelmed with emotions...now I always told mysaelf saying "i love you" so often really makes those 3 words lose its meaning...but now I feel that I want to say I love you because ill never know if I get to see that person again (I mean afterall no one know what could happen within a day or couple hours)...why don't you try talking to him, asking him where you guys want to go in this relationship...you haven't given me enough information to conclude he doesn't care or like you at all...how does he speak thru his actions? does he treat you well? does he take you out? does he spoil you? does he know little things about you (things taht you love) and continually do them? have you tried telling him you loved him? - I know being the first to say it may be uncomfortable but if you say it maybe you'll get it out of him...try something like, "you know I've been thinking a lot lately, we've been thru so much together and I care about you a lot...i just want you to know, I love you" now if he doesn't say I love you back THENNNNNNN you have issues and THENNNNN I can see why you think he doesn't love you...just don't over analyze things here, don't assume - these will lead to arguments...try to understand each other! hope this helps! GL!


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  • just because he doesn't say it doesn't mean he don't feel it...he might be afraid of losing you or getting hurt if he shows his feelings..!you know him better than we do...