High school sweet heart or the fall back boy?

Senior year of high school I dated this amazing guy. He was everything I wanted in a guy but I was a mess that year and I pushed him away and we ended up breaking it off. Its been a year and a half and I haven't been with anyone since. I have a lot of guy friends and for sure have had the opportunities to be with guys but I'm bad at committing. I saw my ex tonight and we clicked again. We had this moment when everyone around us was talking and it was just us staring at each other. I realized that I miss him and I want him back but I'm also concerned its just because there is no one else at the moment. I can't break his heart twice. Do I let him go or do I try again?


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  • An ex is an ex. You will just breakup with him again, perhaps sadly after a kid.


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  • You should let him go. He's your ex for a reason.