Girls, My lady?

My woman is won't be able to contact within 5 weeks due to the fact she has a debt going on. Im thinking myself she can call me but she's from Kazakhstan. Right she's in Russia because she's paying off the debt of her country wouldn't let her go for that. Her parents had set her up big time and they knew she had very little funds. She loves me. But she can able to contact me on the phone but its international. She can only contact me on internet. I've been dating my woman for 1 yr and 7 months. I love you know. Whats your opinion ladies? Has to be 28 and up.


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  • What exactly are you asking? Do you trust this woman? Has she ever given you reasons not to trust her?

    • Of course i trust her. What im asking is its gonna be a month for her to write me back because. A loan that she has to pay. She loves me she says. Im missing her. That's what it is. Im missing her bad. Her parents had set her up for her to pay the loan. For her to handle that situation. I can't believe her parents would let her go through that.