When a guy responds like this, what does it mean?

So when your just friends with a guy, who happens to love messing with you, and you ask him about another guy, and he says he won't give answers until you tell him why. and then you ask back why is he so interested? and he says "you want to go out with him?" so can there be any mixed feeling there?


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  • Not positive, but either he's jealous, and wants to be more than 'freinds' or he wants to be protective of you by asking why. Another possibility is he could be protective of this 'other guy' you mentioned. All depends on who thi 'other guy' really is. But te be perfectly honest, if he's really a friend like you claim, be straightforward and honest with him. Friends are there for a reason. True friends aren't ashamed to openly talk about sensitive issues like these. :)

    • well thats the thing, we aren't rlly friends, he messed with me so bad, so i wanted to ask about one of his friends to see if maybe he woukd be interested to know why, like maybe he's gna get jealous, which then he asked why a million times and asked if i wanted to go out with him

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    • no messed with me in a playful way buthe claims he played me, even though i kind of let him, and i didn't fall for him, but i he thought i did, butt i think maybe he secretley likes me, so i tested him with this lol

    • lol, well then I think he said "Why? Dou you want to go out with him?" because he actually likes you but probably thinks your not interested in him as a potential date. Some people call it 'freindzoned' but basically he wants YOU, but thinks YOU only think of him as a friend. Its a very odd situation, but it happens pretty frequently. I have two sisters, one is 26, and the other is 24. lol

  • just interest, may be not feelings. You need to be honest


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  • "you want to go out with him?" <---Does he say that in an angry way or not?

    • i have no idea it was over text, but then i said it was for my friend, and asked him to respond, and he said I don't know ask him