Do all girls never call/text first ?

I have just recently met back up with an old friend ( girl ) who used ot be my best friend for years, and we have been hanging out for a few months now like the old times. ( she contacted me )

But I ve noticed she never calls/texts me first, I always have to aks her if she wants to do something and she is always up for it, but I fi don't call she doesn't either...

It actually annoys me a lot as I feel she isn't actually interested in hagning with me but just anyone who would ask her to hang out.

So I stopped calling /texting and its been a month and she hasn't called or texted.

Is this normal ? or what would be the reasons for her not ever calling texting ?

this is also something I've just noticed she does now, when we hung out years ago it was 50/50 and it wasn't an issue.


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  • If you were best of friends and you use to hang all the time, all of a sudden it's different. Think about the situation first... I don't think she likes you becuase if we did we would call esp. depending on what age you are, women are not girls anymore... we mature too. Also She probably doesn't call or text first becuase we as women are always doing something. We usually wait for you to call so we know your available for the day.

    Also, she may feel the same about you, you both haven't seen each other so think of it like.. whatever you may think she probably is thinking too. Only way to find out is ask her.

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      I get what you're saying, but if she is thinking the same why won't she be the one to ask me ? why would it have to me to do the asking ? as I'm always the one to initiate meetings sureley she could be the first this time ?

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      I would say the only way to really know is to ask...Females usually want the man to be the first to do everything, but me personally I would call them.. Who knows... maybe she likes it when you do.