I started talking to a girl and recently was able to get her number. Found out from a mutual friend that she's engaged. what next?

Me and this girl are co-workers and we talked found around 2 hours cause we got assisgned to the same station. I flirted and she'd accept it and things went really smooth. Before she left I asked for her number and without hesitation gave it to me. I met with another co-worker who seen us talking and said that girl is engaged to someone. No kids though. I really like the girl, turns out we have a bunch in common, both ex paramedics, we go to the same school, a lot of the same hobbies and intrets. We fit well and i'd like to try and move forward but i dont know anymore. I'm looking for a actual relationship not just a friend and have never been in this situation. Any advice is helpful.


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  • Leave her. She is engaged and if she hasn't told u that then she could be emotional unstable. She wants to stay engaged, (the reason why she hasn't called it quits) but wants to fill up the whole from her weaken relationship by seeing other guys. Trust me, if she is not flirty with u and it doesn't work out with u, she will find some other guy that will fill ur shoes. Don't enter this relationship thinking it will prevail and she will leave him for u. Because it could lead to bunch of trouble later on, and then u will be wondering the same thing, "is she cheating on me like she did with her "prometido"" (sorry for my bad English... I didn't know how to translate the last word)

  • Df you mean what's next? Nothing is next. She's engaged.


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