He stares with no expression?

So I've seen this guy a total of 3 times at college sporting events. He is super cute, actually is a volunteer coach for a team. The other day I went out of gym after he left to have a meeting with other coaches, I looked in his direction a few times but he didn't look over. Then I went to walk back in gym and he appeared right next to me. I slightly smiled to seem friendly and he just stared blankly. Like huh? The first time I saw him, he came and sat right in front of me during a game. I wanted to say Hi but I didn't. Dumb I know.. Do you think he is interested or not? I can't tell how to read him... HELP!!


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  • Sounds like your over-thinking it.
    Next time you see him make some conversation and see how he responds to it.
    It's hard to say what he's thinking with only that to go off of.


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  • That doesn't mean anything. Next time greet him.