If a guy you're "dating" doesn't take you out on dates, is he not worth talking to anymore?

He takes out close friends and other female friends out to eat at different places, yet he hasn't taken me out on one date...


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  • I don't understand you women. Why do you date men like this? I always hear women telling me they have sex with their "boyfriends" but they have never been on a date in their life! How can you never been out on a date with someone, but have sex? This society is backwards today.

    Dump the fucker.

    • And don't let him get you pregnant either or your life is over

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  • You're not dating if you don't go out on dates. You're his sidechick. If you're sleeping with him, then you're FWBs

    • There's no sex involved. we've only "hung out" a few times but that's it.

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    • what is an official date supposed to be like?

    • One of you asks the other if you want to go out on a date and the other agrees. The two of you go to the date and do little lovebird things like hold hands and stare longingly into each other's eyes. Some people kiss each other on dates. Then you go home all flustered and happy with butterflies in your stomach, wondering if the other person liked it as much as you did... or something along those lines, but you get the picture.

      Not going on a date would be like hanging out at each other's houses and watching Netlflix. There's not a lot of physical contact except maybe sex and you both know things aren't going to be different or different between you two the next time you hang out.


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  • Try taking him on a date? Stop being such an entitled cunt

    • It goes both ways fool.

    • The man is supposed to take the woman out.

    • That statement right there is why you don't deserve to have anyone in your life. You don't love the man, you just love what he can do for you.

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  • Find someone better and he better not complain of why u don't speak to him anymore. Just tell him of all the wonderful dates u spend together and walk away

  • Mention it to him or drop hints. If that doesn't work then dump him.