Side chick vs long term dating?

If a guy dates a girl for 2 years with out a title does that make her his long term side chick or unspoken understandable girl? How long will a guy who says he's not ready for a commitment date a girl? and I say date; like buy her stuff, call, text, take her out, cook for her, and celebrate holidays with her. Will he keep her indefinitely, eventually end it, or eventually add a title? How many years will a guy keep this up, with the same woman?


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  • Should be a girlfriend by this point, I guess if you move in together you'll be considered his partner if he never wants to get married

    • True, it just makes me wonder why guys ate scared of commitment and women commit even when the guy doesn't

    • Probably don't want to get hurt, that would be mine since I went through a divorce but I think his is because he has it pretty good that way and comfortable the way things are

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  • Ur 42 and ur life experiences hasn't teach u anything? Ur 42 and yet u don't sound like u have years of wisdom... What kind of question is this.

    • Lol sounds like a question. Doesn't mean it's my situation. Could be that I'm curious about the male mentality. And at 18-24 it doesn't seem that you have lived life long enough to ensure commit.

    • I know I'm not, and I'm not proclaiming I'm an expert either. Is my opinion and my thoughts were why this question. If to me is obvious that guys will like to be with any girl as long as sex is there. But to be in a relationship they want a long term. Yet those that have side chicks, have it because they are afraid of commitment and they are unstable, probably due to their upbringing that made them scared subconsciously of being with one person alone.


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  • sounds like my childhood friend, he kept her as a side chick for 6 years