Why would a guy friendzone a girl?

This is a good looking, successful guy with lots of options. I'm not offended- there are other men... but I do want to know.

he thinks we;re going to be BFFs. he also has done this before on dating websites. i know people meet friends on okcupid. it seems weird..


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  • Because he doesn't like her, or because he already has a girlfriend.

    • nah this isn't a normal he just isn't into me. he keeps on saying how we're going to be BFFs. it's interesting.

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    • Maybe he likes some other girl...

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • She's not his type/he doesn't consider her attractive.


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  • So guys can't friendzone girls now?

  • If he has a bunch of options then he likes someone better.

    • i don tthink he does

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    • im good looking; most guys wouldn't turn this down, if it's only for a fling. im not the hottest girl OR the right girl for everyone but i think 9/10 would bang. i think he knows i won't have a casual relationship with him but doesn't see me as a long term match, therefore he's becoming my friend. i think that's it.

    • If anything it seems like he may not be attracted to you or you're just not his type. Or maybe he knows you won't have a casual with him so he's looking somewhere else. It's difficult to tell. Like, do you know how he acts towards other women?

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