He's not ready to go into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, how can I bring it up to him and see what the possibilities of us moving to that?

There's a guy who I've known for a few months and have been talking to for over a month now. He and I both have said we like eachother, we have so much in common and I know we both like talking to eachother. We talked about dating but he's going to college next year and he's never been in a relationship before. So he doesn't want his first relationship to have the possibility of ending due to someone leaving. And I respect that, but he and I have been getting closer and I'm falling farther and farther for him. He's told me that his mom keeps asking if he and I are dating. I'm just wondering what I should say to bring up the dating subject to ask him how he thinks things are and where he sees them going. We are open with eachother so I don't mind asking him I just want to word it right. Or do you think I shouldn't bring it up and just see how things go? Any and all advice is appreciated, thankyou.


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  • He's already given you an answer and it was "no"

    • You think so? He told me he wanted to be in a relationship with me but he just wasn't sure because of college. That was a while ago and we've grown much closer since then. Since it wasn't a firm no, could his opinion have shifted?

    • Doubtful or you'd be official

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  • You should tell him the truth. Tell him that you have a crush on him and you'd like to give a try being in a relationship with him. Ask him if he feels the same way.