I like this girl I work with. I'm almost 14 years older than her. She's 22, I'm 36... Am I too old for her?

I asked her to accompany me to dinner one night, she said yes... I then asked her to go see rogue one with me the same night... Some time after mid December... She doesn't really text me unless I text her... Should I text her more? Less? I'd be real interested in getting some advice through text...

She flirts with me regularly, I always give her gum... That's kind of our thing... She speaks to me in Spanish knowing that I don't understand most of it of it... Said she would teach me Spanish... Normally, I'd know how to handle this... But my concerns of a generation gap have me at a loss...


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  • No. I work with a guy who is 51 and his wife just turned 30 lol


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  • 36 isn't even old. You are fine dating her if she likes you. The only time I would be concerned is if you are like 25+ years older than someone (later in life of course) then you would be leaving them alone when you die before finishing raising future kids. You are plenty young right now though for that to not be a concern.


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  • Dawg... is that a question? you might wanna let this one go mate.

    • Why? I heard she wasn't into guys her age because they are pussies.

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    • whewhen she hands me car keys, she grabs my hand and doesn't let go for at least two seconds...

    • this is not about her... this is about you... come on...

  • If she's 18 your not too old for her