Introvert hobbies?

I'm an introvert but looking to be more social, where are the introvert socials?


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  • i'm more of an introvert too, but lately i've taken a leaf out of my roommates book. she is also an introvert. however, she says she forces herself to talk to people because that's how she's going to connect, meet new people, and find cool stuff to do. i'm with her.

    • but how to make those connections to begin with?

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    • ooh! tell me some jokes!!

    • i'm not great at jokes. it's just whenever a customer comes to the register, i play with the numbers. if there total is $6.38, for example, i tell them 638 dolllars please. it's pretty funny when they go "what did you say?" or i just tell them crazy stuff, like 8,000 dollars. they laugh. i laugh, and we usually have a bit of conversation. i realized after a while of working that it's easier to do this because most of my customers mistake me as being mad, or mean. so i try to make them laugh.

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  • Try Rc things at your local hobby store. Try join a gaming community.

    • what kind of rc things?

    • See what you like there and what you can enjoy getting into. There are many communities for hobbies these days.

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