Do you get away with saying creepy shit?

I don't know how I get away with some of the shit I say. On tinder I'll straight up tell girls that I just jerked off to their pictures and they will respond with 'lol' ... DF?

  • Yeah I get away with it
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  • Nah everyone thinks I'm creepy when I'm actually normal
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  • I don't know boyo.. I'm sick of your questions tbh
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  • I get called out when I'm creepy.
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  • I do the same, guys will be like "Is it weird that I jerk off when I think of you or look at you?" and ofc it is unless I really like that guy but I'll be like "Ok" or "Lol" or "Really?"


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  • Have you deactivated already?

    Gosh I was enjoying your leave


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