Dating coach on YouTube?

I dunno if anyone here has heard of Deanna Lorraine? Some of her videos are interesting. She mostly gives guys advice for dating. Talks about attraction for women is different than men's.

She said said for women, looks aren't the top priority. She said these 3 things


I can see protect part aka strength and confident. But I'm still a little fuzzy on providership. Does that mean a guy has to make a lot of $?

Now, ladies especially, do you agree with what this coach is saying?


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  • yeah, that sounds about right


What Guys Said 2

  • It's pretty basic human instinct. Men are naturally the providers. A guy's looking for a girl who's responsible and a good womanly figure for children, a girl's looking for a guy who will be able to support the family. If you look at wolves, it's the alpha male who's the most desired because he's the strongest, he's got the best chance of protecting the children and he's the most effective hunter when it comes to providing food for the family. Now obviously that doesn't quite relate to modern day people, but the basic mindset is still ingrained in us.

  • People don't understand that girls are not what they seem. Girls are a sacrifice from an employed man's standpoint. Get rid of them, and your life is easier and more happy. Wars would probably end. I think girls are the cause of all world issues.

    • Girls are stealing men's jobs.