Phone calls and texting are important or not for girls?

I don't like texting or phone calls all the time. is that harmful for the relationship?


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  • Texting is important. I like being in the loop with my boyfriend and being able to talk to him throughout the day especially because we can only see each other weekends. It makes me feel connected. phone calls I'm not big on. I get phone anxiety for some reason and calling is very expensive in my country.


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  • I think communication is important - you just have to find a form of it that you and a partner are comfortable with.
    I do prefer texting (hate calling) as it gives me the chance to think about what to say or finish what I'm doing

  • i think contacting each other is extremely important in a relationship

  • Eurgh I hate it when a guy won't text and if he won't call occasionally i hate it even more. Communication is important

    • thanks I guess I will be more open to this kind of communication

    • You may find someone who feels the same as you but women tend to feel ignored if you won't text or pick up the phone occasionally.

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