Interested in my friend's boyfriend's friend, don't know what my next move should be?

My friend's boyfriend brought his hometown friends over to my party and I found one of them very attractive, we became friends on social media and now I don't know what my next move should be. Should I message him on Facebook or wait for him to message me? Or wait a few days? We talked about shows we watched and what sport he is in so that could be a conversation started? I wasn't able to get his number because I wasn't sure how to ask for it and he didn't ask me for mine.


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  • Yes, start talking about his sport and if he plays, mention that you like watching games in person, and let him ask you if you wanna join (don't invite yourself) but you have to make it easy for him to ask, some guys are real dense and don't get the clue right away. And as for his number, just tell him you don't like using messenger, and then give him your number and tell him to text you instead. I hope this helps, if not, just ask. Good luck


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  • Ooooh! U should tell that to ur friend and see if she can get her boyfriend to invite him more often so two can meet up lol. If u want to talk to him, then talk to him


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  • Take it slow since he didn't ask your number. Quite likely he's in a relationship, then.

    But it would be ok to message him and find out. Just say you agreed with him about whatever team he mentioned and see where he takes it.

    • My friend said he is super shy, could that be a reason why he didn't ask for my number?

    • Could be, but my bet would be he's in some sort of relationship with someone.

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  • Just talk to him and see how it goes. Even if it doesn't work out, at least you know you tried.