How do everybody handle the situation when u like somebody on the job, but somebody else trying to talk to em too?

It can get irritating,.. fellas but do you keep pursuing? or just drop it? and females how do react to this situation honestly, do y'all stray towards the guy thats in your face 24/7, or the other guy that just blunt wants to get the point and take you out,.. etc basically how do y'all go by deciding when y'all know both of the guys are tryin to get at you


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  • I'm pretty confident in myself, I don't worry about any of that. I'll talk to her when I can and if she likes me great. But if the guy that's always hitting her up gets her, that's cool too. I don't view it as a competition, as long as she's happy, I'll find someone else.

  • Pursue dude. Make the other guy quit. No need for you to walk away.