Have you ever been disgusted by someone for no apparent reason, to the point you want to vomit?

I first saw this hot security guy on a popular TV show. I wouldn't miss the show for two years just to see him. I moved to Florida 3 years ago and finally met this him after he replied to my FB message. As soon as I saw him, I just felt pure revulsion. He looked exactly like he had on TV and had a hot Argentinian accent. We, unfortunately, hooked up that night and I hated it.

I told him him we could be friends without any benefits and he agreed. He visited me and I did too. No matter what I always feel revulsion. I would especially feel disgusted when he'd send texts saying he wanted me or thought I had a beautiful body. It came to the point that I lied and told him I was moving out of state because I had a boyfriend. He continued messaging me so I blocked him.

He lives 250 miles away but despite this he saw me on Tinder a month ago and Super Liked me. I didn't want to be rude to I liked him back and he messaged me saying he'd be in my area a night. We met up for dinner and to catch up and I realized I still only liked him as a friend. He tried kissing me and I pulled away. As soon as he said he was turned on my me I nearly vomited.

A week later I go to Miami to meet up with this guy I'm truly in love with. He stands me up. Such a jerk. I made the mistake of calling the guy I don't like and telling him about it at 1 am. He drives to my hotel and takes me out to make me feel better. I'm tipsy so he insists taking me to his place. I said ok and no we didn't hook up because I would t ever with him because I don't like him that way. I wake up and see him jerking off in front of the mirror and he sees me waking up and continues. I told him to please take me to my room at which point he does. He tells me as he's dropping me off. You're so beautiful and what you saw back there is how much I want you even if you're in love with that other jerk.

My question is, have you ever been disgusted by someone for no apparent reason? Tell me your stories or opinion down below.


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  • You say that you pursued this guy after seeing him on TV and finding him "hot". So you began with physical attraction. Then when you actually saw him you felt revulsion even though he looked exactly as he did on TV and had a "hot accent". You then slept with him that night and hated it.

    The contradictions in all of this indicate to me that your revulsion is possibly less aimed towards him and more aimed towards yourself. If I had to guess, and this is a pure guess, I would say that some kind of trauma in your past is involved. This guy is not the issue, he was just a guy. He became a symbol of something else for you. What that is I don't know.

    I could be way off but those are my gut feelings right now. If I'm repulsed by something I don't pursue it or engage with it, I avoid it like the plague. You almost seemed compelled to put yourself through this regardless of your revulsion. That is why I think that this is more about you than him.

  • Yes. Some people on here


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  • Weirdly enough, yes it has happened to me and there was actually nothing wrong with their appearance. I am not sure what made me feel that way. It's really strange.