What do you think about dating agencies or sites?

Do you think is possible to find the person for you through dating agency or site?
I don't think that's possible. I think that it's luck and fate. I don't believe people who are going to dating agency or dating sites are really looking for relationship. I had an account in site like this before and I used to chat with a lot of people but I never agreed to meet with anyone in person. Most of the people there were only looking for sex. I also think you can't get to know a person when you only chat with him online. But going out with someone from site or agency is like going out with stranger. You can't be sure what the person you are meeting would be like. And a lot of people are lying about a lot of things. So for me to find someone who I would date from site or agency is impossible but some people do it. What do you think about it and what's your experience with sites and agencies like this.


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  • It's just another way of meeting new people. I don't particulary think they have better chances than going out - but they create a chance to meet people you wouldn't have otherwise met.

    A friends parents of mine met this way and they are now together for 20+ years. So it is definitely possible.


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  • I never tried them bc I think they're for losers who can't get a date irl, luckily i never needed it and hopefully i never will ✌


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  • I registered a friendship website but it is weird that a dating website that I never registered know my email at the same time and seem that I have registered.
    Always send me some of people want to date with me.
    I think all are fake.


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