Good guy but I'm not into him?

So I met a guy online but I don't know if I'm that into him like moms encouraging me to meet him and kindle up this dream romance he is sweet and nice but he isn't my type.. any tips to kinda get both him and my mom to back off?


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  • Hahaha this story is repeated time and time again


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  • Look, you can't get your mom to change her mind right now. If he is constantly trying to get you to notice him, drop the ball right there. And if momma don't like it, look. Like I had to tell even my late mother and a few people about guys they assumed I liked romantically. No way, no thank you. I had to explain to them why. And had to tell them why. You know what kind of guy is your type, then you stick to that. I don't think there is anything wrong with him, and I don't know your type. But I cannot judge you. All I can say is make sure this is the wise decision for you in the end before you find somebody who is your type and they screw you over till you want a different type BECAUSE you had dealt with too much of that type. Other than that. You are free to choose who may be a good match for you. But unless she has wise advice, she needs to stop butting in like that. She basically want's you to meet somebody you can instantly get married to later on after 18+, which is bound to not last if he is not mature enough to stay with you that long and seek marriage with you at all.