Should I get my crush something for her 20th birthday?

I'm not even sure if she likes me but we used to talk a lot, now she gets nervous with me in person but sends the odd text. If it helps she mentioned an author she likes but I'm not sure if she has the latest books. Any ideas? Maybe a cake for our friends even

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  • Get a cupcake
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  • Get a book by an author she likes
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  • Get more than one thing
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  • Just say happy birthday
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  • You could get her a book. Or maybe just get her a cupcake abs say happy birthday. I personally would love it if a guy did either. And IF she doesn't like you which it sounds like she does but the thoughtfulness of this could really get ideas spinning in her head. It means a lot to me when guys are thoughtful!


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  • i think that something small would be a great idea. not something expensive.. a cupcake sounds nice!


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