Should I ask this girl out or was she just playing with me?

So I met this girl in grad school we got along she invited me to a few events, we went to lunch/drinks a couple times, and she's been really friendly. I want to ask her out but don't want to make things awkward. Then recently the other day she didn't say a word directly to me. We usually have pretty good conversations. Am I reading too much into this?


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  • Maybe she didn't feel like talking. You're probably reading too much into it. Umm what exactly happened though? Did you greet her and she didn't greet you back? Or you just didn't happen to talk to each other?

    • We just didn't talk, but today we talked for a little bit but she is less open when we're chatting in a group. The semester has also gotten rather busy for everybody, I've been distracted so I probably shouldn't read too much into it. I know she's sticking around for the break, because she told me, might that be a hint that I should ask her out, maybe not on a date but just as a friend to start?

    • Not right now. Wait till she is in a better mood. People respond more positively when they are in a better mood.


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