Do girls consider a guy's ethnicity when deciding to go with him?

I have always been curious about whether or not girls generally consider a guy's ethnicity when deciding to go out with him or not.

A few weeks ago I went out with a girl and I could tell straight away that she wasn't comfortable going on a date with me, even though she was happy that I asked her out.

So this makes me wonder, if it's my background coming from a different part of the world or was it something else.


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  • when i started dating my boyfriend i didn't even think about his ethnicity til he pointed it out. i just thought he was awesome as a person. i didn't think about it much til i met his family. his parents were immigrants and they all speak 2 languages so it was kinda weird but cool.


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  • It would better to mention your ethnicity so we may have an idea.

    • My ethnicity is a mix of middle eastern and Asian. Culturally a mix of middle eastern and western (more western than middle eastern)

    • It is natural for people to not feel comfortable who have quite different culture than themselves. They will overcome that if they're open minded. Don't sweat on that much.

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  • I don't. I'm a minority myself so maybe that's why.

  • Cultural background, yeah. I'd hope it's a culture I'm familiar with.

    • And if it's a culture that you dislike but you're really attracted to him/her? I don't know your sexuality

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    • Ok... then what if you weren't familiar with the culture at all? Or maybe it was one that didn't appeal so much to yourself?

    • @Abe90 Then I'd learn about it.

  • Yes ethnicity is a factor could be attraction or some want you to already be a citizen


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