Is it a bad sign if a girl feels comfortable around you? Opens up /shares personal info about her. Talks to you a lot and shares selfies of her?

So we move known each other for a while, she has stated in the past that she likes to get to know people cause she has said we are "similar" in what we want for a relationship. Also, she would send me selfies of her, her cat photos in cute scenarios etc


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  • that's good

    ? but why do you consider it bad?

    • Cause I always thought it was a sign of being friend zoned with the girl I like

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    • ooooohhh. maybe just don't do anything? dude, I have literally zero experience when it comes to romantic relationships. I dont know? note that I said good relationship. Maybe perhaps that that friendship can grow into something more. Maybe she just wants to be friends with you. Are you happy with the current state of your relationship?

    • I am the same only had one relationship which didn't really last long. Yeah, I feel were like close, we've known each other for a while but we haven't met yet cause she added me on facebook through a mutual friend. And added me in a group chat with her friend too. But she initiated the conversation first. And it's only her talking in the group chat.


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  • It's a good good sign

  • ıt is good