My boyfriend and his coworker?

My boyfriend used to sleep with his coworker for years. They ended their relationship when I came along. I feel like he may be in love with her and not wanting to admit it. At first he cut all ties with her. Now they talk a lot. They were selling raffle tickets for their job and he contacts her a lot to collect the money. The way he speaks to her kind of makes me uneasy. You can just tell they have a connection. We went to a coworkers party and she was there. He calls her nicknames like "curly fries" (because she has curly hair). There was a conversation about how argumentive she is. She was saying she's not and he started to make a shocked face to disagree. Then she said " when I argue with you, you ignore me" and he said "yeah cause I know you'll get over it in 10minutes" he showed me in his phone where she text "I love you" to him. He didn't respond. However he still communicates with her despite this. Why would u talk to a woman who says she loves you when you have a gf? I know he doesn't say it back because I seen a text in his phone where she mentioned that he doesn't say it back. I told him I'm uncomfortable with how they communicate and he said he only responds to her if its work related which is supposedly why he ignores her affectionate text. The affectionate names like "curly fries" bother me. Also he also references her being "cute and little"


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  • he still feels something for her


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  • I am sorry, but you have every right to be pissed.