Guys, Would you invite her?

Guys, lets say you have been texting a girl for a long time but unfortunately you are not even in the same country, she says 'Oh I'll be there to see you next month' ... What a luck, you also have a grad ball on the day she wants to be there.

Would you invite her to attend with you or you prefer making her change the date?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Worth a try but don't get your hopes high just yet.

    • Actually I really dont want him to do it cause I'll be an alien in this situation and you know its his day not mine but I can not say no also... so it freaks me out really

    • If he is willing then you shouldn't worry at all. Try discussing this with him and let him know.

  • Invite her if she can't change the date, after all, she is coming from another country