Which guy should I choose? Talking to multiple guys?

I met this guy and we hung out 3 times. He paid for everything the first two times, and let me borrow some PlayStation games. The last hang out last time I treated him. We have good conversations in person and via text, but not over the phone because he said it makes him uncomfortable. There hasn't been any kissing or groping or anything of that nature, but we did meet on an online dating site. There has been no sexting or anything perverted, even though the topic of sex has come up and I'm by no means prude. Anyway, I really like him but I know he is talking to other woman because he told me. My co worker, that's is kind of cute, asked me out twice-but I turned him down. I don't know if I should wait around for first guy, or give my coworker a chance? I don't think I should hang out with both of them-what if they both decide they want something with me and I have to reject one? I don't want to potentially hurt anyone, I just want to build a relationship with someone worthwhile. How do you choose?


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  • That's up to you solely. You can't let someone else tell you how to choose. Follow what you feel is right and don't fear taking chances.


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  • Date them both in order to decide which one of them you like more. That's what most people would do anyway.


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  • Go out with your co-worker and just hang out, make it clear you aren't sure what could happen from there and you just want to try and spend some time with him