How do I get a guy to pursue me?

So my friend wanted to set me up with one of her friends. We were at an event and it was very obvious that my friend wanted us to talk and it made it very awkward for me and the guy. She's been trying to set up more hangouts so we can see each other more, but he doesn't really make a move. We chit chat here and there, but that's pretty much it. Last weekend, we were beer pong partners at a house party so I took every chance I got to high five, hug, and touch him whenever appropriate. I might be looking into it too much, but there were times where I had my hand on the table and he put his next to mine so that the side of our palms were touching. I feel like things are still kinda awkward and I don't wanna come off too strong, but is there anything I can do to jumpstart something?

Any other opinions? I see him about once a month and is trying to get him to be my gym buddy. Would it be too forward if I ask him out to dinner?


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  • Try to do all excuses to talk, flirt with him on every occasions


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  • If a guy isn't the persuing type, then you probably won't be able to get him to chase you. If you want him to be more interested in you, then you have to be a girl that he would want to be interested in. Show him how amazing and exciting and caring you are and make him want to have you as a part of his life. Don't change yourself to fit the kind of girl he wants, but rather prove to him why he should want a girl like you.

    Don't play hard-to-get with a guy who isn't going to chase you. If he's shy and you really like him, then you might have to make the first move. If you're unsure whether he's interested in you or not, then bait him with a few loaded questions. Ask him if he thinks you're pretty or funny or something like that, and gauge his reaction to it.


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  • "hands touching"... seriously what are you 13 ?

    • But honestly would you touch someone's hand if you weren't interested?

    • how is touching someone's hand related to that in the 1st place?

  • be hot > get naked > run


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