Do you know what someone will do after a relationship?

Dating a emotionally abusive, manipulating, narcissistic man on and off for 3 years. I started school, busy at work and had a grandfather who died. He didn't support me, made claims that while I was grieving he made plans with "someone" and wouldn't go into detail who it was. He would constantly kick me out or say he changed the codes. He wouldn't see me when he dropped off my clothes the last time we broke up he kept on driving since I was home. He said he would wonder what I was doing but never call. He would also cry when he dad who he refused to talk to called. Or when he and his daughter had a fight. I ended it this time haven't talked to him in over a month. Do these type of men come back?


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  • Yes he will attempt to come back. Because that is what narcissist do. They can not take no for an answer. If you love yourself for the sake of being mentally healthy. Stop this non sense. He has daddy issues. Sounds like you found yourself a guy that has a brain that is like "A bag full of cats". It is ok to cry but I can see thought the lines. Do not self doubt why you left which I believe that is what you are doing in this case. Or you are creeper out by his behavior that he may come back. If I were you. I would steer clear, keep the communication silent and move on. Find what you really want which is not abuse. What you are experiencing is the his manipulation of "after self-doubt". It is one of the aftermaths of a narcissist person to leave someone confused after years of gas-lighting them. Put more distance and move on.

    • Im struggling the words he said was so hurtful.. the lies he was like i canceled our trip but then i called ans he didn't.. i did and did for him and he said i was crazy

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    • There is a little bit of truth in what people tell you and you need to take that serious.

    • Im just so hurt that he made me feel like i blew him off when my grandfather paa

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    • I dont know.. im struggling that all i did.. giving him money, taking care of his kid, doing things for his ex wife and im just so confused how he can not see that

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    • Then write him off. Cut your losses. He literally sucks dog turds and is not worth the time.

    • I know i guess i dont know why he thinks he can do better.. he said i blew him off when my grandfather passed..


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  • no ı dont know

  • Come back how? Like to get bck together?


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