What do you after prom?

Alright so I'm not old enough to go to prom yet but I will be next year. What goes on afterwards? Parties? Hotel rooms? Do you and your date get *ahem* intimate? I'm just curious and kinda excited but I'm not expecting things to go that far. So yeah how your after experience?


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  • Being intimate after prom seems either old fashioned or something people do in places like Kentcuky where there is nothing better to do. I am from NYC and it's pretty common that you go in groups and afterwards you party in groups. Either a club where they let underagers in for the night and serve non-alcoholic drinks (there are a lot of official after parties created around prom months), comedy clubs, or even going to renting a house or something to party in without adult supervision for the rest of the night. Here it's more about being around your friends and stuff than taking the opportunity to "go at it" because honestly, they do that any other weekend...so prom is actually a night they can all be together with friends.


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  • Depends on where you live. When I went we just went to someone's house afterwards. Things don't have to get intimate if you don't want to, and if you're going with someone just as friends then I would strongly advise against being "intimate". Nobody drank at the party I went to (we all had stuff going on early the next day) but be forewarned that afterparties will most likely have alcohol.

    That said, I know someone who went in a limo with a bunch of people into New York City afterwards...like I said it depends. After senior prom people generally rent a house at the beach or something.

    • This is random but I can tell you live near jersey