What's dating like?

I have never Been on a date before I'm 17 and never once been on a date. I have been asked plentifully but I always turned them down, maybe because I'm scared Idk. But this guy in my class asked me out on a date I said I'd think about it, I really like him, he's really cute but isn't dating awkward? Just you two sitting and stuff? I need help am I to young to start dating or is it the perfect time?


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  • im 20 and I still get nervous when I go on dates..just stay calm, ask questions, make conversation..ask open ended questions like how did your week go? and don't ask yes or no questions though they may be appropriate at times..it may be a little awkward but the more you hang out the more you get comfortable with the person...hope this helps


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  • your at the PERFECT age to start dating, and its not awkward as long as your comfortable with who your on a date with, its perfectly normal to be nervous or scared, but don't worry, things will go good as long as you like him.