I want to hear all your stories of your first broken heart and how long before you dated again?

My first boyfriend broke my heart a little over two weeks ago (I'm 16, he's 17). He pursued another girl while we were dating and then dumped me.. And now they are basically an "item". He was my first kiss, and everything else (except sex. I'm still a virgin). I begged for him back, despite everything, and he said that maybe we can go out later but he "can't see is together right now." It SEEMS like he wants to be with this other girl over summer then if things don't work out, he wants me to be waiting there. We dated for 17months and I love him and he SAID he loved me. Most of our relationship was like out of a movie and he was sweet but now he's treating me like trash out of no where.Today I cut off communication with him and I know not to ask for him back, or to take him back if he ever does come around because of how he treated me. But it obviously still hurts. I think I'll feel a LITTLE better if I hear other people's stories about their first broken heart and how long they waited to start dating again and how their next relationship went.


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  • First broken heart, age 19.. years to get move on, 7 years. Extra years to get over, 3 (I should never have "tried" to move on, ended up breaking a heart myself).

    Best thing to do with a broken heart is to forget about relationships and just enjoy spending time with valued friends and doing whatever you enjoy (perferably as social as possible). The heart will find its own way and time to heal and the more you just live life and enjoy what you like to do the better and faster you will heal. Easy advice to give, hard advice to follow.

    Second broken heart, age 32, 2 years and counting...

    Trying to follow my own advice and just get on with life.


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  • Right now you are in no position to date again. Why because you are still hurting from your ex, unless you want to get yoursef into a rebound relationship I suggest you stay single untill you as a person have grown stronger from this personal experience of yours. Whether or not you want to communicate with your ex that's your decision but I think its for the best if you ignore him and live your own life sepearate from his. You will feel MORE better if you give youself plenty of time from this. Focus on doing on other things you say your 16? Maintain more attention in school, start working on your goals where you want to be after high school and what would you like to major in college. You can also look for a job, learn how to drive, associate more with your friends, and have fun!