Do guys prefer slightly bigger girls??

Guys, right I used to be a size 4 but now I have developed a bit more and suddenly I have to buy size 10/12 underwear and bikinis. Do guys prefer the thin as a rake person or someone with curves?


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  • I like curvy women, myself. I don't want a girl that looks like Gollum. I've seen women that I thought were incredibly sexy that were a size 14 (apparently Marilyn Monroe was a size 14). It's about the figure and the proportions - not the absolute sizes.

    • Thank you all for answering, I needed a confidence boost, so there truly are men who don't like the stereotyped size for women


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  • Each man is different; but I like athletic girls with meat on their bones.

    That means reasonably firm muscle and not extra baggage.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Im at a point where looks don't matter so much as how you perform, looks wise I prefer a girl with curves but usually that only gets her through the door

  • Hahahahaha searches for old answer.

    """"Are you stupid? For option B, you put skinny. There's a difference between skinny and thin. Skinny implies too thin. So of course guys will choose A over that. But I would rather a thin to average girl (but healthy) who is naturally thin, small (not thick etc).. To a girl who is thick or has more meat onn her ass and waste.

    Also on this site a lot of the time people only answer if they have the answer you "want" to hear. So if you're a fat girl asking a question the only guys who will answer are the ones that will boost your self esteem. Guys who like thin girls won't even answer."""

    Cbf changing it. You get the point.

    Now stop asking questions like this. Makes me thing you're jelouse and fat.

    • Excuse me you do not even know me if you want to make comments that are offensive like jealous and fat and stupid get to know me first I am clearly not fat if you look at my pictures and I know I am not stupid so you can f*** right off

  • Someone with curves is definitely better than "thin as a rake". Obviously it depends on the guy but most of the guys I talk to and know what their tastes are is the curvy type. Most of the guys too that are wanting "thin as a rake" are just looking for a one night stand.


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