I'm torn between my best friend and my guy crush!! Please help!

I have to very best friends Emilie and Ross who have went out before about 2 years ago. They are now just friends but Emilie revealed to me that she still has feelings for him while Ross, Who tells me everything, told me that he has no interest anymore. Me and Ross have been getting closer and closer and we are just so comfortable with each other. He tells me how beautiful I am and he flirts a lot. We go out together and hold hands, it feels like the only thing I'm missing is the label of him being my boyfriend. I like him to and Emilie is one of those girls who likes multiple guys at a time and I don't know if she's serious about Ross. Recently my other friend Dina told me that Ross told her that he liked Emilie the exact day he asked me to prom! What's the deal? Is he playing both of us?


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  • he's being a smart ass and playing both of u...! he's being d same with both of you friends! so that he'll have multiple options when it comes to choosing one!


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  • Stick with your friend. Its smarter. She's been your friend longer than Ross has been your almost boyfriend. and chances are he is playing you.