Should I go on a date with another guy?

I'm newly divorced of almost a year. So I am not looking for a committed relationship. The guy I'm seeing doesn't really want to be in a relationship either because he had a bad experience in the past with being "trapped". It works for me but it is confusing too. We have an incredible connection. have broken all the FWB rules. He jokingly tells me he loves me and tells me that he wants to marry someone like me. We talk everyday all the time, we go on dates, kiss and hold hands in public. We agree that we have a unique (messed up) relationship and we love it the way it is. On the other hand I don't want to keep myself unavailable to another if he and I will end up no where. I talked with him about it because recently another guy asked me out for a date. He said he'd be jealous but has no right to keep me from living my life. The crazy thing is that I would feel like I am cheating on him if I went on this date although technically I am not. What should I do? Do you think that there is a potential for a relationship between he and I when I'm ready? I get confused but I deal with it because I keep my heart guarded and don't read to much into the things he does for me or says to me. So my question is should I go on this date with the other guy?


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  • I wouldn't go out with the other guy, it will make things way more complicated. Are you sure the current guy doesn't want a relationship? Maybe he is just being cautious because he feels that you don't. He's already uttered the words "I love you" and to me, that's nothing to joke about, jokingly or not. I am not the type the see more than one person, if I am interested in one person, then that's it. I think you should decide if you are into your current guy or not, and if you don't feel a future is in the works, then go ahead and move onto the next guy that asked you out.


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  • It doesn't hurt to go out and have a good time as friends and as long as your both confortible with the way things are go for it. You don't have to sit at

    home waiting for mr.right you can have a life while you


  • Don't go with the other guy, You both like each other so don't hurt him by dating this other guy.