My boyfriend says that redtube dating comes with pre-written paragraphs on the dating site. Is that true?

I recently found out that my boyfriend has a redtube dating account along with many others. He says that he doesn't use them so I do not understand why he has them. Do you have to pay before you can even do anything with these accounts? Also, the things he writes for his "about me" paragraphs are always talking about how he wants a fun "f*** buddy" but he told me that on redtube dating it comes with pre written paragraphs Is this true?. I don't know if I should believe him or not. We had a fight a couple months ago about this and almost broke up and then a week ago I found that he has just created more afterward.


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  • no..usually it won't come like that on any site. Yeah there is something comes up if you don't fill it up cpmpletely but it's not like what ur boyfriend has written there. These site usually have very normal looking and baisc words on that place i.e. looking for a date kinda thing. He is lying to you on that.

    or you can even check that by yourself..just join that site and u'll know that what appears on's simple.

    take care.


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  • Even if what he is telling you is true, why wouldn't he then use his own words? I will tell you why: its because those ARE his words! Don't let him fool you. He put them in there. They don't magically appear as defaults, as if the website knows exactly what each and every customer is thinking. Or maybe they do, which is even more telling.


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  • its heartbreaking isn't it? when you confront him about the sites he makes up excuses/lies. I told my boyfriend it was either me or these online dating sites. He told me he deleted his accounts but I found out that he just changed his screen name or made his profile private or hidden. It has damaged my self esteem so much and hurt me so much. why can't he just admit it and brake up with me ? what's up with the sneaking around and lying? I don't get it.

  • pha! and ur actually still dobuting? just reread your quiestion and u'll understand everything yourself. if he is ready to cheat on you with complete straingers, than he is probably 'not that into you'! so find some1 who will respect you and enjoy sleeping only with YOU!

    Mwhaa x

  • it does not come with a pre written paragraphs like that no, sorry. You deserve better ! Be strong (: