Childhood Sweetheart- a reality or a fantasy?

I've been with my boyfriend since I was 15. I'm now 18 and he's 19. we have been through so much together and I can't imagine life without him. does anyone have personal experience of childhood sweethearts? do you think it can work? Both of us have started high paid and ambitious jobs in financial services so university isn't a problem. We don't live together but see each other all the time.


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  • My wife of 10 years and I started dating when we were 15 & 16. By 18 I knew I wanted to marry her, but as she graduated high school and starting college, she felt like she was trapped. She broke up and dated a few people, then about two years later, decided that I was what she wanted and came back. We got married a year later and are happy together.

    While it sucked at the time, I know I wouldn't have wanted her to settle wondering if we were right together. Now I know she thinks that. If the two of you both feel like I did, sure of your relationship, then go for it and don't look back.


What Girls Said 1

  • High School sweethearts, you could make it a reality if you really want to. A lot of the adults in my town were high school sweethearts. It could also be a fantasy to those of us who haven't be in a relationship like that. You could definitely make it a reality.