Is it really bad?

I've had my fair share of girlfriends and one of my best friends says that as soon as I get a new girlfriend, I disappear and he says that women basically have me on a leash. I will admit that I do consider myself "slightly" whipped but its by choice. I mean I'm not completely her slave but if she calls I won't hesitate to go with her. She doesn't call all the time too. Its more of an occasional thing where she wants me to hang with her for the day. Is it really a bad thing? I like to think that most women don't mind.


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  • Most women don't mind that at all. It's not like you're begging to hang out with -her- constantly. It is, however, good to have your own agenda too, and concerning your friendships outside of the relationship, But it IS healthy to spend dedicated time with your friends as well.


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  • The beginning of a relationship is usually the "honeymoon stage", where its all sex and talking, sex and talking, everything is swell... So for a couple to spend a lot of time together in the beginning is pretty normal.

    Guys that are single with friends that have gf's can be more inclined to joke about it, because they don't have to "deal" with having a girlfriend but lose their friends to girls so, I think a lot of it has to do with the "guy friend" wanting his boys to stay boys longer.


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  • Whatever you do, DO NOT allow yourself to be a "yes man" because at the end of the day a woman will never respect you as a man. It's not always good to drop everything to tend to a woman because the more you give, the more they want. Set limits from the beginning. Remember, whatever you start, you should be able to finish! Don't get into the habit of pushing your friends to the side for her because she won't value your friends and will think that that's the way things will always be. Never through away your social life. I believe each person in a relationship should each have their own social life. But the most important thing is that whenever you do spend time with her, just make it wonderful and make it last a "lifetime."