What does it mean if he doesn't call back?

So I'm staying at the HIlton in Huntington Beach and one of the valets voluntarily gave me his number. He appears to be really nice, and my family loves to converse with him. I, however am quite shy and never really spoke up to him. (I KNOW) but he left his number on a little piece of paper for me and last night, I decided to give him a call. He didn't answer so I left him a casual voice mail. He hasn't called back, so what does it mean? This is something I don't normally do, but thought it would be nice to make a friend down here in So Cal, since I am from Nor Cal. Was it a little weird to actually call him?


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  • a lot of guy don't call you the next day it make then look like there are depart you can text him

  • Don't worry over it, he might still ring, he may have been busy