Guys which would you prefer? A cute face or hot body on a girl?

Would you guys prefer a girl with a cute face and not so much a nice body, or a girl with a hot body and a not so cute looking face?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, personality has more to deal with a decision than appearance, assuming she has a good or great personality I would say cute face (sorry to sound/be shallow about this) but there is only a certain amount of acceptability to the body even with a cute face that can only go so far, I mean say she's 3' 500lbs and never worked out or even jogged a little in her life then she could have the cutest face in the world and it won't matter but chunky or alright or whatever body with a cute face is going to do more for me than an extremely hot body and very bad face, sorry but a face is something you really have to like (you're going to be seeing it a lot and chances are its not going to change for the better) bodies can change drastically with a little effort. Though I covered more of the extremes I would have to say that it's more about personality and who they are as a person, if they are a great or decent person than a not so nice body or a not so nice face isn't going to matter a whole lot as long as neither are too bad.