Is it "weird" to be 22 years old and never kissed anyone?

I know why it hasn't happened. I'm a pretty girl and guys definitely notice me, but I'm also shy and very focused on school most of the time. In the past, the guys that were really into me were too afraid I would reject them because I was shy and never gave a truly overt signal that I wanted them. I'm getting over that shyness and I'm confident I'll meet someone right for me.

My question is: Is this situation perhaps more common than people will admit, especially among studious types like myself?


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  • I'm 22, I have kissed but I haven't had sexual intercourse yet, I'm still a virgin too, I've never had a girlfriend before in my entire life, it sucks but it's just the way it is for me.


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  • yeah no offense but its a little weird. but don't worry guys won't hold it against you. I'm 21 and I've kissed but never had sexual intercourse so I'm a late bloomer too lol