Would you go after a girl that dumped you before?

Let's say you like 2 girls. You're friends and in the same group with one, while the other you're too scared to talk to or say hi. So you go for the easier one. The thing is you have a fling but then she dumps you after a while cause you got kicked out of school. Then after a while you make a fake account to talk to the girl you can never talk to and you learn that she likes you even if you got kicked out and even if you never really talked and all you have is an online relationship cause you use fake accounts to talk to her. But now that you went to a better school, the first girl, whom you are still close friends with likes you again. Who do you pick? I'm the online girl. Right now, what I see is that, when he and I are in bad terms, he starts talking to her, but when we fix it, he doesn't talk to her.


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  • I don't understand your story, but that's ok. I wouldn't go for a girl who dumped me, because I don't like girls who dump me. If I'm right in thinking she just changed her mind because I'm now at a better school, that would just indicate to me that she was a bi-atch.

  • The way you frame your story is a bit confusing, but once a girl has dumped you, you don't pursue her any more. The only way you *might* get back together is if she comes back to you with some kinda apology... Even that is uncommon though...


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