Does he like me or not!?

I've known this guy for a couple of months. We first started talking online. Well we finally met about a month ago and every since that we have been on 2 dates. Not sure if the first one was a date since I asked him to hang out and it was mini golf but he paid and then he invited me back to his house for dinner and to meet his grandparents who he lives with. The second really seemed like a date because it was dinner, movie for which he paid for in advance online, he picked me up at my house, and was basically acting like a gentleman all night. Both times he gave me a hug at the end of the night. What I don't understand is how to read him, he is shy but seems like he likes me because he asks me questions, remembers things I say from days or weeks ago and generally shows he cares. Though I'm not sure if its just a nice guy thing or more. When his grandma asked if I was his girlfriend, he said "No! We are just friends.." and then I agreed by saying I was a friend who was a girl because it was awkward and we are still in the getting to know each other phase. But pretty much this whole time I have this growing attraction for him and I am going to see him this weekend to see a local band to dance and just listen to the band have a good time. I don;t know how to act around him, I like him but I don't know if I should say anything or just let things happen. I want to dance with him and get him out of his shell. Help! I think I see signs but nothing that is really jumping out and indicating his interest for me as more than a friend. I don;t want to scare him away if I tell him or act too soon on my emotions.


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  • This sounds more like how a girl would act rather than a guy. Saying they want to be friends and being coy on how they feel.

    Personally if I take a girl out to dinner and a movie, I want to be more than "just friends." Even though its frustrating, you can try and let things happen and see where it goes. But the best way to know is just ask him. Its better to know the truth than to play games or beat around the bush.

    Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • He likes you but not enough to be with you. Probably both of you are still in the dating stage. There is no need to worry about how you should act around him. Go with the flow and let things go naturally. But you don't want to become impatient. When you start thinking of the question whether he likes you or not, you will tend to start questioning him about the real stuff. He might be still enjoying spending time with you. To let things progress, you must first of all, also know how to let things slow down too.