Be with someone with a kissing phobia?

OK, me and this girl have been going out, she's my type, sexy, and she's totally digging me.

So I decide at the end of the date to go in for the first kiss and... I get the pullback. Well In my mind I'm like "OK game over", but then she says something I've NEVER heard a girl say... she says "I don't kiss"...

She goes on to explain she has a phobia of kissing and bodily fluids in general, and her last boyfriend (baby daddy) was only able to kiss her a handful of times in the 3 years they were together. She doesn't kiss family, doesn't like to be licked by dogs, and doesn't even kiss her own 3-month old daughter.

She asked me if I thought she was too weird, and I said yes it was weird, but I was willing to work past it, and told her it was my goal to get her to eventually let me kiss her.

My question to you guys is:

Could you be with someone with a kissing phobia?

I mean, if you really liked them, could you tough it out, or would it be too much?

BODILY FLUIDS meaning like saliva and vomit and junk.


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  • WTF that is so weird lmao! No I could not be with someone with a kissing phobia...

    • Yeah, I'm still unsure what I think about it... I mean I like her a lot, and everything about her is awesome, EXCEPT for the kissing thing. :\

    • Well if she's weird about kissing and "bodily fluids" she probably has a phobia with...other things which is no fun for you lol :D good luck

    • Thanks. Well I mean I'm actually just assuming the bodily fluids thing. Mainly because she said a baby spit up on her once and it made her sick for like the rest of the day. She has no problem with sex, we went over a lot of stuff after the kiss thing, and she made that clear.

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