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Lets see here.. after being the most evil bitch 2 this guy INSTEAD of him arguing back he texts back and says "ill stop saying I hate you because I guess I really don't, we should just put our problems aside and feel free to call me if you need me for any reason"

honestly, that blows my mind... what's he really trying to say? to f*** off or to call him or what?


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  • He understands that if you put that much effort into being mean, there must be some kind of emotional connection. He is smart enough to see that it might not be purely malignant and wants to end the silly games and see how the two of you feel for each other. I think he is genuinely reaching out to you and trying to make amends. I would be happy for the chance to set things straight.


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  • Pretty much what the 2 guys said before me.

    He realizes somethings up, more than you just hating him I guess. He's reaching out for you. Do you like him? He's saying you can call him so you should if you do.

  • He's saying he wants to stop fighting and just move on with your lives and act like nothing has happened

  • he likes you for one thing

    sounds like he is trying to be on ur good side

    ur a challenge to him and I guess he likes that

    hes saying CALL ME!


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