What does it mean if he doesn't kiss you the second time?

There is this guy who is a friend of mine. We have hung out before and the one night we were hanging out talking and watching a movie (which we have done before) and he kissed me. Up until that point I had a feeling he had feelings for me just by different things his friends had said and different things he had done.

However, we recently hung out again (the first time since we made out) and he didn't make a single move. What does it mean if he doesn't do anything the second time around? Of course now, I really want something to happen but I don't want to force anything if he doesn't want it. HELP!


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  • I'm not sure why he didn't kiss you the second time, but I'm pretty sure he wanted to. Maybe the circumstances changed between the first and second time that made him uncomfortable to make another move. For example, the type of company may have changed and he didn't want them to know he has a thing for you; or maybe the previous encounter set the mood up for him to take a chance and see if you share his feelings. These are just two possibilities, and I think guys are a little more complicated than we care to admit to ourselves.

    So my advice would be to take some time to think about the difference between the two interactions, then you might find your answer. I hope this helps.


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  • you could have been such a bad kisser that he is not comin back for more OR he had kissed you just to see if he had feelings for you and he doesnt...you should ask him why did you kiss me that day and see what he says and you say it in a joking type way if that makes you feel better.